Authority Partners - Srebreni partner Sajma

Authority Partners - Srebreni partner Sajma

Authority Partners is a global IT company specialized in developing business information systems. Their mission is to inspire and enable their consultants to create excellence in technology solutions, growing together with their clients on the path to success. This year Authority Partners celebrated 21 year since first launching its business globally, and 14 years of excellent and responsible business practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to deliver the best solutions to their clients, they utilize unique knowledge, talents and passions of their employees and consultants who are highly valued in Authority Partners. They believe that it is not just about coding, it is about excellence in coding and that is something their clients and partners recognize and appreciate. Authority Partners is dedicated to each employee and they invest a lot of effort in creating a positive atmosphere for them and contributing to their personal and professional development.

Authority Partners is a socially responsible company that constantly takes part in different projects aimed at supporting the youth and IT industry in B&H. Their desire to contribute to the further improvement of IT skills of young people resulted in the opening of their Talent & Innovation Center - AP Lab, where they organize training programs which are very popular amongst students in B&H. They are constantly working on improving and updating the content of AP Lab and currently have three training programs to offer there: Cloud Masters, Quality Assurance Masters and Agile Project Management Masters. AP Lab gathers people who are passionate about developing cool software and working with new technologies in the IT industry. After successfully completing one of the training programs, participants have the chance to become full time employees in Authority Partners.

Authority Partners’ success has allowed them to expand to 280+ employees globally and be voted among the most desired employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina 9 years running.

More information about Authority Partners can be found on their official website.